L.L. Sosset, Bruxelles, Beaux-Arts 1968

Painting with metal is, on the other hand, Guillaume Leunens’ art. Born in Belgium but living in Paris, he has, in the last few years, created his own discpline, for which he has meanwhile largely softened and developed the means. He uses the projection of molten aluminum and its artisanal treatment in order to develop, within this support itself, generally spiral or circular rythms from which emerges something like the mystery of an elementary cosmic presence. Giving a cold industrial material the poetics of suggestion, a visual warmth and a whole range of luminous vibrations is the profound, and so fascinating, characteristic of his originality. The modulation he imposes on the plays of light, of darkness, of shades of color, and of reliefs identify themselves with a vital authentic impulse, thus proving that there is no gap in his works between the imagination and the creation, between the subjectivity of the design and the means of creation.

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