L.L. Sosset, Bruxelles, Beaux-Arts 1964

How not to be interested in the exhibition hung to the high walls of the gallery « The Zodiac »? It is to aluminum that Leunens entrusts the expression of his pictorial sensitivity. The panels he presents constitute the culmination of a long internal evolution assisted by a patient tuning of the processes of implementation. His taste for subtly worked materials very certainly inspired him, but even more his mysterious fascination for the modulations of the color gray. With him, the vision of space breathes, lives, and is charged with the resonance of perceptive emotion.

The material he works reveals above all the originality and refinement of his technical talent. This Flemish Parisian has succeeded in giving his smooth surfaces a whole range of warm harmonious gradations, ranging from dull to shiny, from understated modulations to radiant reliefs on black ground.

Upon nocturnal backgrounds, we find traits of color and receding lines whose light touch brings to life the inspiration, the depth and the magic of the monochrome surfaces. These remarkable metallic monochromes by Leunens show even more the many successes of this artist, springing from the means and poetic of a graphical heritage.

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