Atelier d’art Leliegracht 38, Amsterdam, Holland

…The present exhibition discloses only one facet of his creative capacities to our public namely the so-called « monotypes métalliques » (metallic monotypes). In the near future we shall enable you to get acquainted with his sculptures and murals as well.

These monotypes are the amazing and fascinating result of quite a new and peculiar technique: Leunens has forced the metal (aluminum) to deport itself under his painter’s hand like oil paint. The denomination ‘monotype » was given to these works by Mrs. Mauquoy, the curator of the Gallery of Prints at Brussels. Improperly, in our opinion, since it suggests a connection with graphic art which does not exist at all. They are abstract paintings, for which we should prefer the use of a new class name.
His inspiration is still fed by the experiences of the labourer-artist in Belgian Brabant. It was there that the fire and metal in the factory fascinated him by day; there, that these images haunted him at night during his creative search; there, that the human mastery of matter inspired him finally to an artistic triumph.

When talent is defined as the sum of technical skill and personality, then Guillaume Leunens rises amidst his colleagues: a dominating character full of will-power and self-assurance, which with his tenacity succeeded in making his palette out of the crucible. He has laid his inner force into these monotypes, which with a subtle variety call for intense attention. They are hyper contemporary expressions of an original talent…

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